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“Thank you for an awesome, convenient and enjoyable shopping experience! From my first conversation with you, it was obvious that you’re an expert and had my best interests at heart.

After our first shopping trip, I wore everything we purchased within a week and received tons of compliments.  On our second shopping trip, we got much more than I had anticipated for half of my budget! You helped me select key pieces that I needed to enhance my professional wardrobe, ensuring that these must-have pieces will be with me for a long time.

I greatly appreciated that you respected my tight budget and helped me get the most bang for my buck.”

 -- April L., Lawrenceville, NJ




“The words that come to mind about working with Paula are: professional, effective, economical, efficient, honest, and flattering without being artificial. Paula is a pleasure to work with. I hate to shop with a passion and she made it fun for me. What a convenience to be able to stay in the dressing room as Paula brought in choices after choices. At the end of the session we reviewed what fit, what outfits looked best, what would fit into my budget and made our final decisions. I just could not have done it without Paula. Since our shopping trip I have gotten so many compliments from friends and family as well as strangers! For a woman who hates to shop, I sure look good,” enthused Cathy.

  -- Cathy B., Princeton, NJ



Mary"Paula was absolutely amazing at finding just what I needed well within my budget. My husband was happy to hear that I spent half of what I had anticipated. He commented to some friends, ‘Mary looks really good every day when she leaves for work’. I cannot believe the complete wardrobe that Paula was able to manufacture from my closet with very few additions. As an added bonus, I feel so much more confident wearing the outfits that Paula has put together for me, accessorized, and given her stamp of approval (some combinations I never would have thought of). With the education and tips she gave me, I feel comfortable now making those decisions myself. Rather than having that constant feeling that I should be scouring the sale racks, looking for something to wear, I can relax, knowing that I have more than enough pieces and combinations to see me through, and I cannot wait to tackle next season with Paula’s guidance, of course.

  -- Mary B., Robbinsville, NJ


“Thank you Paula because when we shop together, we get a lot done…and when I shop alone, I don’t,”

 -- Phyllis M.,

Pennington, NJ











Jil"Inviting someone into your home, especially into your bedroom and closet, is a very personal thing.  Yet I felt very comfortable with Paula doing this.  She was professional, encouraging and shared so much information with me."


"Thank you so much Paula for all your fashion help.  I have a new-found sense of confidence in my new clothes and a spring in my step.  It was a pleasure working with you and I wholeheartedly recommend Fashion Fix to anyone seeking to re-energize their wardrobe."

   -- Jill C., Burlington, NJ



Barb“The consultation was really worthwhile and very helpful.  It was hard for me to get past what I was doing.  I had serviceable garments but I didn’t know why I was uncomfortable in them.  I had a sense of things that were not right and Paula was able to pinpoint them.  She gave me a fresh look at what goes together.  I am excited about changing my wardrobe.”


I got compliments on the outfits you helped me put together as well as the new clothes that we purchased on our shopping trip.  I’m so happy with my wardrobe and how I look each day!  Your service is well worth the investment in time saved (both shopping and trying to get dressed in the morning) and peace of mind.  Thank you!”

  -- Barbara R, Newtown, PA



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