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Success Stories


Three Moms Get a Makeover...

Three busy moms from MOPS International (Mothers of Preschoolers) in Yardley, PA didn’t have time to think about their wardrobe, yet wanted to be more stylish and most importantly, comfortable.  Here are their stories:







Aislan - Before

Aislan -

Mother of 2 & 4 year old


“I feel like I have casual and dressy, but don’t have the in-between to visit friends.  I want to look nice enough but not overly done.  I see women more put together and not sure if that’s right for me.  I want to be naturally comfortable.”


Inverted triangle/ hourglass figure,

5’5 ½” tall


Aislan - After

Paula:  “Ailsan is lucky to be taller and lean.  She can wear many clothes well but these give her a chicer edge.”




  • Pink cardigan could be brighter to perk up her face

  • Unbutton cardigan so sweater doesn’t have a granny look

  • Sweater sleeves are too long and look sloppy

  • Yellow t-shirt underneath cardigan doesn’t coordinate

  • Needs autumn colors such as spice, pumpkin, sage and browns

  • Boots need to be updated


  • Long waisted figure - so low rise boot cut jeans work well

  • Olive jacket over a ivory tunic are flattering colors

  • New brown boots










Jen - BeforeJen -

Mother of 4 & 5 year old


“I want to be comfortable and casual.  I am out doing things at the boy’s school and I want to look more put together and fashionable.”


Inverted triangle/rectangle figure,

5’6 ½” tall


Jen - After

“After working with Paula, this shopping experience totally freed me up to feel like I was experimenting in a good way.  I feel comfortable and more put together.”


Paula:  “Jen looks so pretty and feminine.  This outfit gives her a greater sense of style.”




  • Plum fleece top color is too boxy and masculine

  • Needs autumny warm colors such as sage, eggplant and salmon pink

  • Need to add curvy style line to soften the figure and define the waistline

  • Jeans too low and she hikes them up

  • Jeans too narrow and short

  • Void of accessories


  • Paisley shirt ...beiges, blue and green give the illusion of curves

  • Khaki low rise pants with stretch are comfortable and flattering

  • Nicely accessorized with brown suede flats, brown belt and jewelry

  • A denim jacket was added which is a mom’s “must have” and coordinates with many outfits











Kelly -

Mother of 4 & 8 year old


“I feel like I wear the same thing - no variety or excitement - solid top and jeans.

Hourglass figure,

petite 5’2” tall


“I can’t believe what a difference a pair of jeans made. I am getting so many compliments.  People are asking me if I lost weight!”



Paula:  “Kelly is petite.  Her clothing made her appear shorter and larger than she really is.  There was a waistline hiding under that bulky sweater.  A lighter weight top and low rise jeans lengthens and flatters her figure.”




  • Sweater too bulky and adds visual pounds, although the color is good for her

  • Short waisted - need to elongate figure, draw attention to waist

  • Jeans too high waisted & tapered at ankles

  • Jewelry - necklace too short with thick turtleneck

  • Boots need to be updated



  • Pretty color top looks great with her black hair

  • Scoop neckline opens up her neck

  • Low rise, boot cut jeans flatter her figure and show there is a waistline that was hidden under the thick sweater

  • Total accessories of necklace, earrings, belt and boots



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