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Success Stories



Jill - closeup

Jill "Before"


Jill's Goals

  • Wants clothing to fit right, be stylish and comfortable.

  • Needs clothing for work - work casual, and for going out with the kids.

  • Get a better sense of how to shop well to find the things that she needs.

"My recent first venture into work outside the home since my children were born over seven years ago was a glaring wake up call to how desperately I had neglected my wardrobe."



Here is Jill's complete story



This is what Jill wore on her first of work

before her Fashion Fix...


Jill - before work




This is Jill's new look after her Fashion Fix.


Jill - after work

The Fashion Fix Process...



The Consultation


"After contacting Paula, she skillfully pinpointed my wardrobe needs.  Our first meeting was an in-home consultation where Paula talked about my body shape, skin tone, and what colors and clothing styles would be flattering for me.  It was so educational."


"Paula looked at the contents of my closet and gently put most items in the 'share with others' pile, all the while explaining how she was deciding what to keep and what to toss.  We made a long list of what I needed to basically start a new wardrobe, especially in the work department."



Some outdated items discarded from Jill's closet...



Jill's closet


Outdated - sack dress     Outdated - Navy and white dress     Outdated - pink outfit     Outdated - black dress


Outdated - pleat pants      Outdated - stripe pleat pants      Outdated - boots


The Shopping Experience


"When shopping, I get a fuzzy feeling in my head I call 'mall head' when Iíve been there over an hour.  Paula and I shopped for four hours and the time flew!   We spent the bulk of the time in a dressing room while Paula brought in different sizes, colors, styles - many that I would never have picked on my own."


"We left with 20 items of clothing, most of which could be worn with each other, fit well, were great colors and comfortable.  I never could have accomplished what we did on my own.  Iíve worn many of my outfits to work, out to dinner and out with my kids."


Some outfits Jill tried on...

Jill try-on #1     Jill try-on #2     Jill try-on #3   Jill try-on #4      Jill try-on #5     Jill try-on #6


Tried on but didn't fit...


Tried on didn't fit - baggy rear pants     Tried on didn't fit - gap in back     Tried on didn't fit - pants too tight     narrowing it down...



Jill ended up getting 20 items of clothing, including brands such as Liz Claiborne, Jones New York, Macy's Charter Club, and Macy's Style & Co. for approximately $600.  These items included 11 tops, 5 pants, 2 skirts, 1 jacket, and 1 dress.


Some of Jill's purchases...


Jill's purchases - aqua blouse   Jill's purchases - aqua t-shirt   Jill's purchases - pinstriped blazer   Jill's purchases - pinstriped pants        


Jill's purchases - paisley shirt   Jill's purchases - black pant                 Jill's purchases - brown and paisley skirt set   Jill's purchases - animal print skirt set


Jill's purchases - peach shirtJill's purchases - green poloJill's purchases - topaz shellJill's purchases - khaki pantJill's purchases - brown linen pant




Jill - after #1   Jill - after #2   Jill - after #3   Jill - after #4    Jill - after #5

Jill's remarks...


"Inviting someone into your home, especially into your bedroom and closet, is a very personal thing.  Yet I felt very comfortable with Paula doing this.  She was professional, encouraging and shared so much information with me."


"Thank you so much Paula for all your fashion help.  I have a new-found sense of confidence in my new clothes and a spring in my step.  It was a pleasure working with you and I wholeheartedly recommend Fashion Fix to anyone seeking to re-energize their wardrobe."


--Jill C., Burlington, NJ



Paula's comment about Jill's final outcome...


"Jill looks terrific in her new clothes!  Her goals have been fulfilled.  Her new clothes are stylish and flattering to her body type.  Jill now has a comfortable wardrobe that works for both business and casual.  Her large assortment of purchases allows her to mix and match easily.  Jill can venture out to shop with a newfound confidence."






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