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What is the benefit of fashion consulting?

Paula's fashion consulting services provide immediate benefits by saving you time and money.  Less time is spent getting dressed; less money is spent on needless, impulse purchases.

How can a wardrobe analysis help me?

A wardrobe analysis will determine your lifestyle needs and wardrobe goals, including favorite colors, styling preferences, body type and shopping habits.

How will closet organization benefit me?

You will be able to get dressed quickly when clothing is separated by season and category. You will receive support tossing those "hard to get rid of" items.  You will feel revitalized and claim valuable closet space, making room for necessary items.  A "shopping list" will be made to make trips to the mall easier, while focusing on needed wardrobe items.

What is the advantage of using your personal shopping service?

A personal shopper takes the guesswork out of not knowing what to buy.  By learning to become a more educated and decisive shopper, you will save time and money.


Can you help me understand "Corporate Business Casual"?

Yes!  Paula can recommend "business casual" styles that you can be comfortable wearing while projecting a professional image.

Can I see some of your previous Newsletters?

Yes, here they are:


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October 2010 - Five Fall Wardrobe Must-Haves

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